Powering My Arthritis Power

I’m so excited to introduce this new blog series to everyone. I’ve been working closely with some organizations lately on how to become a better patient advocate. How can we be even more transparent so as to help other chronic illness fighters?

I’m kicking off a new series with Creaky Joints (an Arthritis Resource Community) that will chronicle my experience with their new app, Arthritis Power, my 10-week pain management program, and my health status in general. A few times a week, I’ll update everyone on how I’m using the app, how I’m feeling and/or a general health update, and how the pain program is going. 

The Arthritis Power app is meant to be a way to manage your disease better. The app will track your symptoms, disease status, share resources, and share symptom tracking with your doctor. (Cool, huh!?) 

The pain program I’m starting is at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. The program is 2-3 days a week for 10 weeks and incorporates physical therapy, physicians, occupational therapy, pain psychology, and more. I’m excited to (hopefully) share progress with you all!

Here is a quick Periscope intro for you:


(Excuse the tired eyes, I worked 11 hours today)

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