ePharma Recap Coming: Sorry for the Interruption

Hi everyone! So as most of you know, I’ve spent the past few weeks blogging for ePharma. The conference was last week and I really enjoyed live-coverage and blogging for the sessions. I have a full recap coming soon, sometime this week. However, here’s why I’m delayed. 

I’m healthy person sick! Again. Well, maybe it started out that way, but now with how my immune system, or lack of one, works, it’s transformed into something else. 


Every single time I travel I get sick, no exaggeration. And of course, this last time was no different. What started out as a nasty head cold is now something else. Time will tell tomorrow at the Doctor. More than likely have the flu for the third time this year/season. Ugh. 

That’s why I haven’t said much since ePharma. Sick as a dog!

So while I attempt to recover from yet another bug, below are all of the links for my ePharma blogs. Enjoy! Be back soon. 🙂

ePharma Summit Blog (Newest to Oldest): 


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2 Comments on “ePharma Recap Coming: Sorry for the Interruption

  1. I have so many questions and just stumbled across your blog. I am 36 and was diagnosed at age 30 with A.S. after years of dealing with flu like symptoms, joint pain, back pain, night sweats etc. My question at the moment is when you have a flare do you have a raised body temp? I am dealing with this at the moment and have in other flares. I feel horrible always for the last couple of weeks and dread going on the ” devil meds” again. Hope this email finds you in a good spot at the moment

    • Thank you so much for reading. And I’m so happy you stumbled upon my blog. I hope that my story and journey can provide some comfort. As far as your question: I don’t always have fevers or raised body temp when I’m in a flare, but I often do. I overheat very easily and I’ve found that my body struggles to regulate my body temperature. My infusion medication, Remicade, also makes it tough for me to get a proper reading on a thermometer. But try cooling pads on head/neck. Just avoid ice/cold on your sore joints: make sure you do heat there. 🙂

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