Nimble, A Product Review

This is a sponsored post. I was provided the product in exchange for an honest review, and I have been compensated for my time through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by Version22 Designs or Chronic Illness Bloggers.



I am such a gadget nerd. When I was asked to review this product, I really didn’t know what to expect, but for some reason I envisioned a larger aIMG_4094.JPGnd more cumbersome tool. I was pleasantly surprised that not only was the tool small and portable, but it’s also rather cute! When I first opened the Nimble package, I thought it looked a little bit like the Snapchat ghost, or a PacMan ghost, or even a little Minion. I love all of those things, so I was destined to love the Nimble, right?!


Right! Now, this product is probably even more useful for those of us chronic illness patients that have hand and extremity mobility issues. However, even those of us who do not have those issues, like myself, this little device is still unbelievably easy to use versus the traditional method of opening packages.


Okay, okay. Tell you what the Nimble is already, right?!



Nimble is a small, flexible cap-like product that fits on the tip of your finger. Due to a special design, Nimble will not cut you like scissors or a knife could. Nevertheless, it will still cut through plastic and paper or cut through a box that you might have delivered to you. Seems simple, right? Well most of the packages on the market now claim to be easy open; however, they should actually be easy to open then, and they’re not. Between hard to peel tape, or plastic that could cut you, packaging is far from simple nowadays.


I was doubting that this tiny device would be able to cut through and open a package for me, but I was 100% wrong! The Nimble cut open my order from Amazon, my new cable box package from Comcast, and also cut cleanly through a piece of paper. I love this because using a knife is dangerous, and using scissors is a struggle. Though my mobility issues are not severe, and others struggle much more than I do, it can still be tough for me to open packages using scissors. The Nimble is so easy, soft, and all it takes it a swipe of my finger down the length of the taped box. Plus, it’s fun! Disclaimer: My friend and I were playing with them afterwards like little puppets on our fingers. Okay, I’m easily amused, and that’s not the point of this tool, but still! Too cute.



I know that all of you will love the Nimble product as much as I do. The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign today and would love our support! Here’s how Kickstarter works: you pledge an amount of money (your choice) and in return you receive the Nimble product. You are only charged if the campaign meets its goal. Once the campaign closes, it can take a little bit for you to receive the product as they are producing them from that point forward.


Visit their campaign on Kickstarter and pledge to support them! (PS. Nimble will only be available through this option, and early birds will get an additional discount on top of the Kickstarter price!)





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  1. I decided to back it. I’ve never used Kickstarter before so I’m nervous. Not sure why but I am. Haha

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