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Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

If you’re like me, you know that medications are sometimes necessary but holistic methods are embraced when possible. Having multiple chronic diseases and suffering from severe chronic pain forces you to make medication decisions on a daily basis. As much as I’m not afraid to admit if I need to take pain medication, I stay away from it the vast majority of the time. Simply stated, this is because I don’t want to destroy my liver and kidneys by the time I’m 50 or younger. Most days I just grin and bear it. But what if there are options that are medication free for reducing my level of pain every day? Sign me up, I say!



Well, then let me tell you about Quell. Side note: I have rhymed my last two sentences–I promise to not go all Dr. Seuss on you guys! Anyway, what is Quell? Quell is a 100% drug-free, wearable pain relief device. The Quell device fits into a little pocket on a band that wraps around your upper calf. on the inside of the band, you connect the Quell device to a strip of electrodes that sticks to your skin. This is how Quell delivers the pain relief.


When I first opened the Quell box and put the device on my calf, I thought there was no way that this device was going to help my spine pain, hip pain, and widespread Fibromyalgia pain if it was sitting on a part of my body NOT in pain. However, the therapy that Quell uses, called OptiTherapy┬«, stimulated the sensory nerves in your leg which then travels up to the brain. The signal in the brain then triggers endogenous opioids into the spine. This provides widespread relief from chronic pain. Cool, right? And you don’t need to wear a Quell device on each leg, just one will work fine.


I wore the Quell device for about 3 weeks before writing this review and I was definitely pleased with the results. I don’t know that I would completely replace my pain management regime with the Quell device, but it is absolutely a beneficial addition. I can’t claim to know enough about nerves and the signals in the brain; however, I did find that the Quell device almost “distracted” me enough from some of my pain that it wasn’t in the forefront of my brain. Now, I don’t know if distraction is really the same as relief in this case, but that’s the best way to explain my experience with Quell.


Therapy Control App Image[2]

Another great benefit of Quell is their in depth customer service. Quell Customer Care did a great job of explaining how Quell works to relieve pain when I had doubts that it would work on the type and locations of my pain. I felt much more informed after speaking with them. If you feel like you need more information than the manual provides, have issues with the device, or simply want to learn more, I urge you to contact them at customercare@quellrelief.com or by phone at 800-204-6577.


I’ve mentioned this in so many previous blog posts, but sleep is a real issue for me. Between being exhausted 24/7, needing sleep medication to stay asleep, and working too much, sleep is constantly on my mind. I always want to nap, and I count down until I can sleep each day (pathetic, I know). So when I heard Quell also tracks sleep quality, my ears definitely perked up. In fact, I think the Quell device might be more accurate in tracking my sleep than my FitBit. I need to use it a bit longer to know for sure, but it looks promising. As you’ll see in my screenshots, Quell measures the time in bed, time asleep, sleep quality, sleep on back, sleep on L & R, position changes, leg movements, and time out of bed. Super comprehensive!



As you can see, I’d highly recommend giving the Quell device a try if you suffer from chronic pain. If anything, it’s much safer than significant use of pain medications or opioids. To learn more about Quell and purchase a device for yourself, visit their website.


All of the mentioned tracking and dashboards are easily managed through an app available by download on both iPhone and Android. The app allows you to start and stop therapy sessions, increase or decrease intensity, check battery and electrode life, and much more. Each therapy session is 60 minutes every other hour.


If you’re still looking for more information and educational resources about the Quell device, check out the User Manual, Instructional Videos, and Troubleshooting Tips within the Quell User section of their website. All you have to do is register your device and you’ll receive product updates and news. You can also follow Quell on Facebook and Twitter.

Already tried the Quell device? Id love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below!





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3 Comments on “Dwelling On The Quell

  1. Just finishing up my 1st week with the Quell. I have chronic pain and stiffness in my neck due to surgery as well as peripheral neuropathy in my feet. So far i am not “sold” on this device. Have not seen any significant reduction in pain or discomfort. I agree with the above that when the Quell is on, it acts more of a distraction from my pain. Going to give it a full month and decide if it is worth the cost. Electodes are on the pricey side @ $30.00 a month.

  2. I took a chance and bought my Quell, after not being able to find reviews by someone not comped by the company. I was able to do this with an Amazon credit card, and am so glad. Amazon has a 30 day return and I figured I’d know by then if it worked. If you buy directly from Quell, you get 60 days to return it. Anyone suffering from chronic pain has nothing to lose by trying this. I knew in the first hour that it worked

    Quell definitely relieves my pain, and not by distracting. I have a lot of the same problems as you – fibro, spine, in addition to severe arthritis. Quell gave me relief from that all over body aches from fibro, but not the tender areas. I still get the all-over aches with weather changes, but not as severely. If I ever doubt that it’s working, I find out soon enough when I forget to put it back on after re-charging or taking a shower :p

    My complaints are the electrodes, which have since been redesigned. You couldn’t remove them without touching them and the instructions said not to touch them. But the other big disappointment was the sports band. Quell was gracious enough to send me a replacement, but it was worse. It wears, doesn’t stay fastened, curls, and the unit doesn’t fit well in one of the bands. I understand that they are listening to customers and re-working that design, too.

    Customer service is beyond fantastic; better than you can expect for any product.

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