#SelfCareMvmt Part 3: Spiritual Health

Welcome to another week of the #SelfCareMvmt series! If you’ve missed the first 2 weeks, you can learn about my ‘Daily Little Accomplishments,’ and ‘Physical Self-Care’ in my last two blog posts. This week we’re going to be talking about Spiritual Self-Care. This is always a loaded topic for me, but I think there is still benefit in my life for this type of practice.
First things first, I’m an Atheist. So when I talk about Spiritual Self-Care, it’s from a 100%img_1440 non-religious standpoint. (Disclaimer: I wholeheartedly respect all beliefs, and I expect that same respect towards me). Moving on! Being spiritual can mean a number of different things: religion, meditation, praying, mental wellness, mindfulness, yoga, and so much more.
I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since I was in high school. So maybe 15 years or so? Yoga has always been a calming force in my life. It’s one of the best go-to centering practices. I admit that I am completely out of my yoga routine and haven’t practiced in almost 6 months. Yikes! I am really pushing myself to get in the right mental place to start yoga back up again.


I think that’s a big part of this concept of spiritual self-care. To me, it’s about being in the right place mentally. Mindfulness is one of the most challenging and beneficial practices I have ever tried. Various therapists have taught me how to practice mindfulness in some shape or form. It’s such an important tactic for someone like me. I am such a high anxiety person that a normal day is like there is a vice around my chest. It’s pretty bad. And I know I need to get better at managing that. I have no shame in taking anti-anxiety medications when needed. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But I will say that it takes more than just medications. I think mindfulness plays a large role in calming a person down, as well as just taking a step back and realigning your priorities.
It’s hard, I won’t lie. Mindfulness is a constant practice and work of art. But I think when you do take the time for it, it really works. Spiritual self-care is just as important as physical self-care. You can take care of your body and chronic diseases all you want, but if you’re not taking care of spiritual health and/or mental health I think it’s all for nothing. Even just waking up and taking 5 minutes to just breathe and go over your day before you get going is a game changer.



What are some of your favorite ways to practice spiritual self-care?
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