An Instagram Round-Up…

Take this post for what it is, but let’s call it a fun way for me avoid an idea for another post that will be a lot harder for me to write. 😉

I thought it might be fun for me to share a list of my favorite people or brands to follow on Instagram. In light of so many events in the world, I’ve found that channel to be my solace of social media. I can’t stand Facebook anymore, Twitter doesn’t hold my interest or focus enough anymore. But Instagram is a happy place, or at least my feed has been both curated by me and by Instagram to be as such. I spend the vast majority of my time by far on this channel.

Additionally, while not just sharing a list of “I like these accounts” type of recommendations – I’m actually going a tad deeper and sharing with you those accounts that are a MUST. These are the accounts that I watch their Stories almost daily. I never miss a post (and I’ve engaged with them intentionally enough that I actually don’t miss their posts – the algorithm shows them in my Feed). And they are my tried and true go-to resources, brands, or individuals. I’ll link to each of their accounts here and do a tiny summary, but the best way to learn more is really to go check them out!

Instagram Accounts I Can’t Live Without

This is by no means an exhaustive list of great Instagram accounts to follow – there are hundreds I could recommend and that post would take me weeks. But like I said, these are the check every day, watch all of their Stories every day, kind of accounts for me. Hope you enjoy them as well!

Have other accounts I need to start following? Drop them in the comments below!


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