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It’s fitting that I follow my last post with this one as I talk about finding the middle ground of autoimmune treatments and autoimmune communities. As we talk about the importance of staying away from the radical extremes from either end of the spectrum, it’s important to find a tribe, a treatment, a community, an outlet, whatever it might be for you that regularly celebrates that middle ground, that moderate foothold through life.

So.. let me tell you about my new best friends! As you do on Instagram, I stumbled upon a new account a few months ago that I pretty immediately connected with on another level. This account was like nothing I had yet found in social media for the chronic illness community because it was doing what I’ve talked about so much here. It was staying in its lane, it was embracing the middle ground. You bet I followed them on all channels, signed up for their newsletter, started reading the blog posts, and I. Was. Hooked.

There are a ton of accounts and communities that I follow and love and would absolutely recommend to you*, don’t get me wrong. However, at this stage in my autoimmune journey, at my age, at this point in my life, this group is what speaks to me and is what I’ve needed.

*Happy to recommend groups and resources if anyone is looking for those! Just let me know!

Enough With The Vague-Blogging!

Okay, enough vagueness Kristin, who!!?

Allow me to introduce: Autoimmune Sisters. This community is all about supporting women, with autoimmune diseases, from all over the world.

I’m even more excited to say that I connected with the Founder, Aimee, and she is incredible on so many levels. I’ll be involved with Autoimmune Sisters more closely moving forward as I’m now their Blog Editor (YAY!!!), one of their Authors, and may start to contribute to their social media as well! I’m so excited to be helping Aimee and the rest of the ladies; this community is amazing, inspiring, and I’ve already learned so much!

Stay tuned for more and make sure you’re following me and following them! 😊


Chronically Kristin

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