Chronically Kristin

So you’ve stumbled on my blog here. You can typically find me all over the interwebs; however, having a personal blog is something I have started and stopped and started again for years now. Well, I’m starting again. I hope to use this primarily as a personal outlet for myself; nevertheless, I promise to try to bring variety and interest in everything I post. One thing I can guarantee is that it will be 100% real and 100% my own thoughts.

A little about me: I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I couldn’t love this city more than I already do. I also love the state of Michigan and strive to advocate, promote, and recognize everything my Mitten state has to offer. I’m a writer and a social media junkie and I love everything about my job and professional ventures. I love digital communications in general. I strive to eat and drink locally whenever possible. I’m a self proclaimed nerd, techie, and foodie. I’m enthralled in international development and aid, and like to think of myself as a humanitarian in most regards. I’m also a very proud GVSU Alum.

Anything else? Find me on social!

Twitter: @kristinmcoppens

Facebook: Kristin M. Coppens

Instagram: kristinmcoppens


(And pretty much every where else you can think of).

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