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The Fad of This 4-Letter Word

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The one where I explain my least favorite 4-letter word and why it’s dangerous.

When Bad News Is Good News

Throughout the years of being diagnosed with numerous autoimmune/chronic diseases, I’ve learned that it can be a complete mind-fuck. Sorry for the bluntness, but it’s really the only way to describe it. What you think is good news is bad news; what should be… Continue Reading “When Bad News Is Good News”

The Longest Overdue Health Update: Fall/Winter 2018

Good morning! I know, I haven’t written at all in so long, let alone given an update on my health and health management plan. My last update was about a year and a half ago, and I think I can say confidently that not… Continue Reading “The Longest Overdue Health Update: Fall/Winter 2018”

Health Update: May 2017

Don’t get too excited; I’m not 100% sure how much I’m “back” in my blogosphere. But I have been getting the desire to revive this space and come off of my hiatus. In saying that, when I officially do come back, I want this… Continue Reading “Health Update: May 2017”

On being real (and truthful)…

Disclaimer: I’m about to rant, and possibly complain, is what it is. I haven’t always felt this way (it has taken growth, confidence, and independence); but I can honestly say, that I sit here today, at this point in my life, in 100%… Continue Reading “On being real (and truthful)…”

On Being Tough…

People have different interpretations on what ‘tough’ is. On what ‘strength’ is. On what ‘pain tolerance’ is. Realistically, it doesn’t quite matter where a person falls on the varying degrees of those three notions; what matters is how you feel, how you experience a… Continue Reading “On Being Tough…”

Let’s get right into it

I’m going to pass on doing the whole obligatory ‘hello. this is why I’m here’ post.  (For more on that, read my About page). Let’s jump right in. A lot of what I write, vent, or stream of conscious about here is for my… Continue Reading “Let’s get right into it”

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